RICHARD DORBER (b. c1832 – died 1892) and his immediate descendants

Richard was the oldest son of John Dorber and Ann Stanley.

He was born c1832 in Warrington and on the 7th January 1855, he married Hannah Evans at St Saviour’s Church at Chorlton-upon-Medlock.  At the time of the marriage, Richard was aged 23 and was employed as a farrier.  He was living at 17 Leicester Street but it is not certain whether this was the family home at the time.  Hannah had been born in 1833 in Wrexham, and at the date of the wedding, she was 22 years of age with no stated employment.

The 1861 Census shows Richard as 29 years old and is described as a Blacksmith and Farrier.  His wife Hannah is 28 and is described as a housewife and mother.  They are living at 6 John Street, Chorlton-upon-Medlock, and, according to the Census, have three children – they are:

Elizabeth Ann, aged 4 with a birth year of 1857, Edward, aged 2 with a birth year of 1858 and finally, Richard, aged 11 months.

In June 1863, the family were living at 39 Jackson Street, Chorlton-upon-Medlock – Richard is still working as a Farrier.

The 1871 Census reveals that the family is now living at 68 Morton Place, Garton.  Richard is aged 39 and is working as a Mason’s Labourer.  His wife is at home with five children, but there is no mention of their oldest child (Elizabeth Ann) on this Census.  She would have been 14 years of age and one wonders if she had died or was living elsewhere. 

The children mentioned on the 1871 Census are:

Edward (born 31st August 1858)  at 19 Middlewood Street, Salford.  He was baptised on the 7th November 1858 at Sacred Trinity, Salford.  On the Census, Edward is given as 13 years old and employed as a Stable Boy.

Richard (born 1861) aged 11.

John Henry (born 1863) – christened on 28th June 1863 at St Luke’s, Cholton-upon-Medlock, and is said to be 7 years old on the Census.

William (born in 1867) is 4 years old.

Ada(born 1870) is aged 1.

The 1881 Census reveals a new address – this time the family are at 10 Victoria Street, Ardwick, in Manchester.  Richard is stated to be 50 years of age and employed as a general Labourer. Hannah is said to be 48.

Of their children, Edward (aged 22) is employed as a Sewing Machine Maker – as is his 20 year old brother, Richard.  Fourteen year old William is employed as a Errand Boy, and both 11 year old Ada and 7 year old Alice (born in 1874) are still at School.

On 17th August 1891, William, aged 22 and employed as a Stock keeper, and living at 67 Brighton Street, married Alice Bradshaw at St Clements, Salford.  Alice was also 22 and was lving at 76 Lynton Street – she was given away by her father, John Bradshaw, a Bookbinder by trade.  The witnesses were John Henry and Susan Dorber.

The 1891 Census reveals that all the children have left home and Richard and Hannah are living at 67 Brighton Street, Salford, Manchester.  Richard’s employment is given as General Labourer, but no occupation is given for Hannah.

Richard (born c1832) died in June 1892 in Salford.

Richard and Hannah’s son, Richard (born 1861) does not appear on the 1891 Census.  he married Grace Thomas at St Mathew’s Church, Ardwick, Manchester (April/June 1886).  By the 1901 Census, he is living at 27 Talbot Street, Ordsall, Salford.  He is aged 40 and is described as a Steam Engine Fitter – his wife Grace is aged 34.

They have eight children:

Minnie, aged 13, works as a Calico Helper.  The rest of the children either attend school or at home – they are:  Ethel aged 12, Grace aged 11, Richard Henry aged 9, Charles lewis aged 7, John Henry aged 5, Elsie aged 3, and Fred aged 1.

In 1911, Richard is aged 50 and is employed as a Machine Fitter.  His wife Grace, is 44 and they are living with eleven of their children at 50 Redman Street, Salford.

Ethel had married Albert Jackson at St Clement’s Church, Salford in 1910.

The children listed with Richard and Grace are:  Minnie, aged 26, a Cotton Weaver.  Grace aged 21, also a Cotton Weaver.  Richard Henry aged 19, a Machine Fitter.  Charles Lewis aged 17, a Machine Turner.  John Henry aged 15, employed as a Messenger.  Elsie aged 13, Fred aged 11, Ernest aged 8, and George Edward aged 6 are all at school.  Sam aged 3, and William aged 3 months, are at home.

Richard (born 1861) died in Salford in Oct/Dec 1931, aged 71.

The 1901 Census shows Hannah (aged 68) as living with Ada (her youngest daughter, aged 30) and Ada’s husband (Thomas Baines) and their children at 16 Brassington Street, Salford.

The 1911 Census shows Hannah (now 78) still living at 16 Brassington Street, Salford – she’s described as a Housekeeper.  Ada and Thomas Baines have now moved out and their place is now taken by Hannah’s son, William.  He is 44 years old, but there is no mention of his wife, Alice (nee Bradshaw).  William is employed as a Calico Printer’s Stock-keeper.

Also living with them is Edith (William’s 21 year old daughter) – she’s employed as a Assistant Bookkeeper.  Hannah died in Salford in June 1916, aged 83.

Of the children of Richard and Hannah Dorber, Edward (born 31st August 1858) is a most interesting character.  In 1882, he married Elizabeth Ann Renshaw, and by 1884, they had a son – William A. Dorber (born in Salford).  The family then emigrated to New South Wales in Australia.  Edward and Elizabeth had three further children in Australia:

Ada A. Dorber (born in 1885 in the Redfern District of Sydney – but she died).  In 1886, Florence was born in the Redfern District – she also died (Glebe District).  Samuel was born in the Watyerloo District of Sydney in 1888.

Edward and Elizabeth, together with their two surviving children (William and Samuel) returtned to England and took up residence in Salford.  In 1891, Elizabeth gave birth to Edwin Frederick and in 1894, she gave birth to another son – Ernest Renshaw Dorber.

On the 1901 Census, Edward is shown to be 42 years old and described as an Iron Fitter – he is still married to Elizabeth Ann (aged 40).  They live at 21 Hunt Street, Salford.  They now have four children:  William A. aged 17, employed as a Commercial Clerk.  Samuel aged 13, employed as an Office Boy.  Edwin Frederick aged 10, Ernest Renshaw is aged 7 and Elizabeth is 4.

Elizabeth Ann Dorber died in 1913 aged 52.  In March 1917, Edward married for a second time – this time his new bride was Sarah Hayes.

John Henry Dorber was the fourth child of Richard and Hannah.  He had been born in June 1863 and christened on 28th of that month in Chorlton-upon-Medlock.  In March 1881, he married Susan Hitchin in Chorlton.

The 1901 Census shows John Henry as a General Labourer – no one else in the household has employment shown.  John Henry and Susan have four children living at home: Florence (aged 19), Frank, John Edwin and Joseph Edward.

On the 1911 Census, John Henry is 47 years old and employed as a Labourer.  Susan is said to be 46 and employed as a Green grocer.  Their address is given as 59 Churchill Street, Chorlton-on-Medlock.  Florence, their daughter, has left home – leaving the three boys:  Frank (aged 19) is employed as a Bread Vanman.  John (aged 16) is described as a Page Boy, and Joseph Edward (aged 14) is employed as a Billiard Marker.

At the time of his death, John Henry was living at 35 Tunstall Street, Longsight, Manchester.  He died on the 15th December 1937 and left an estate worth £486-18-2d to his widow, Susan.


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  1. Hi Jerry John Henry is buried in Southern Cemetery in Manchester if you dont already have the info. Grave no. x1386 buried 20.12.1937.


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